The FLAT system is a combination of durability, easy assembly and a wide range of applications. It is perfect as fence for both residential and industrial premises. The functionality, aesthetics and seamless assembly make it an excellent choice for a wide range of scenarios at sports premises, military premises, airfields, allotment gardens, or in parks. FLAT panels have no beams and are made of 51 vertical wires welded perpendicularly on both sides with horizontal wires. Although beams have not been applied, the panels retain their rigidity thanks to the use of double horizontal wires.
With a view to meeting all our customers’ expectations we manufacture panels of various height, with two wire sizes:
We can also deliver bespoke panels in any colour from the RAL colour chart.
The bracket system allows the assembly of FLAT panels to posts made of 60×40 sections:
The overview of various panel heights:
Types of fixing brackets: