In 2009, TABAL established a new division called TABAL TECHFENCE dealing with the production and sale of complete fencing systems. The product portfolio initially included only two types of panels: FOKUS and FOKUS ECO. Thanks to new investments and growing experience, we managed to gradually expand our products by adding FOKUS LIGHT, FOKUS ECO LIGHT and FLAT panel ranges, posts and fence accessories. The growth in production volume urged us to make a strategic decision to depart from retail sales and embark on the development of a strong and dynamic distribution network across the country. Thanks to this decision, the TABAL TECHFENCE brand is gaining visibility and esteem, and end customers find it easier to get to know our products. Since the beginning of the division’s operations, we have also been sending our products abroad. Our panels reached, among others, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.
At our division, we rely on state-of-the-art steel processing technologies and continue to expand our machine park, which guarantees the highest quality of the products we offer. We have the most modern powder coating shop in the country, and we are the only ones in Poland to hold the QUALISTEELCOAT certification. Our long-standing experience has also helped us develop one of the best packing methods, allowing our products to reach even the most distant European markets safely.

Our products


TABAL Sp. z o.o. offers three basic panel systems: FOKUS (3D, mesh size: 50×200), FOKUS LIGHT (3D, mesh size: 55×200), FLAT (2D, mesh size: 50×200). We also have the capability to manufacture other, non-standard panel types. Please feel invited to view our portfolio.


TABAL Sp. z o.o. offers a diverse range of accessories necessary to mount fencing systems, both in the basic version (40×60 sections) and non-standard versions (other rectangular and round sections). Please feel invited to view our portfolio.