Prime Aluminium System

The innovative and advanced PRIME ALUMINIUM SYSTEM was created in Lublin ‒ the capital city of the Lublin Province, Poland. Characterised by modularity, universality and diversity, it is perfectly suited to meeting the needs of today’s customers while adhering to the generally accepted standards. Welding joints have been replaced with bolted connections, which makes the whole structure look fine-lined and elegant, as well as enables the fence to be assembled piece by piece, directly on site, without the need to use any specialised tools. Aluminium makes the fence structure durable, stable, maintenance-free and eco-friendly. Our product portfolio includes comprehensive aluminium fence solutions: spans, posts, swing gates and sliding gates, together with accessories. We also provide additional elements such as a multimedia posts, mailbox posts and garbage enclosures. We are convinced that our modern aluminium fence system will make any property acquire a distinct look and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. All this comes with comprehensive service ‒ we can design, install and advise you on the selection of fence systems and accessories, as well as ensure timely delivery.

What makes the PRIME ALUMINIUM SYSTEM a suitable choice?

  • High durability, strength and resistance to weather,
  • Modern, exceptional design matching any building and its surroundings,
  • Modularity, allowing the system to be expanded with other elements of landscape architecture,
  • No unsightly welds,
  • Custom-made solutions,
  • High level of security and privacy,
  • Safe use, no sharp edges,
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable material,
  • Quick quotation and order processing,
  • Competitive prices.
Visit our head office at 14 Energetyków Street in Lublin and see the display of PRIME ALUMINIUM SYSTEM ‒ our new aluminium fence system. Our sales personnel will be happy to give you the details of our portfolio and address any queries your may have.